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Ten months of very useful information
The First Steps Newsletter is 10 months of very helpful information that will guide you through pregnancy and childbirth with tips, thoughts and reminders that this is one of life's most incredible journeys.

You can receive your monthly newsletter electronically, via your email, or you can pick up a printed copy each month when you go in for your monthly appointment with your Riverside provider. Also make sure you have your copy of the First Steps Book, a helpful guide to Riverside's wide range of birthing services, special classes, plus a calendar for your medical appointments, checklists, labor log and other helpful tools and tips. You can also pick up the First Steps Book at your Riverside provider's or Medical Group office.


A grand adventure is about to begin.

Welcome to Riverside's First Steps: Your guide to information and resources during and after pregnancy

Welcome to Riverside's First Steps and congratulations on your pregnancy. At Riverside we deliver over 3,000 babies a year, which gives us a lot of expertise and experience. But what's equally important for you is that we never forget that each birth is unique and highly personal. So along with providing exceptional care, we work hard to make sure this very special time in your life — pregnancy, delivery and beyond — is positive and memorable for you, your baby and your family.

No matter how you choose to get your First Steps newsletters, there is a pocket in the back of your First Steps book to keep all of your issues handy. If you get the newsletter electronically, print your copy out and store in the back pocket.

Preparing for Childbirth

Nature has a way of preparing your body for childbirth and we’ll help you with the rest. For starters, if you haven’t chosen a doctor yet, we can help make your decision a lot easier. Riverside (physicians) are responsive, supportive, family-centered care providers who will help you approach this exciting time with a sense of confidence. Go to and click on Doctors in the top navigation bar, under specialty select obstetrics. There is also a complete listing of all the area physicians on page 60 of your First Steps book.

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